Nuviante before and after

Achieving long and full eyelashes without falsies is a dream come true for a large number of women. They put their faith in eyelash enhancer serums and were not disappointed. The Nuviante system works on multiple levels, to strengthen the follicles and encourage the growth of strands on both lash lines and scalp. Why should you use it? Convince yourself with these Nuviante before and after pictures.

Before using Nuviante

Experts state that the development of the new eyelash enhancer serums represents the end of the lash extensions as we know it. Why would you glue falsies on your eyelashes, when you can increase their length naturally with Nuviante? Before using the serum produced by Bellavei, you probably visited the beauty salon every 1-2 months for fake eyelashes. The procedure is time-consuming and costs you over 2000 South African Rand. The lash extensions frequently triggered the loss of your natural strands, and the remaining eyelashes became fragile, delicate, and prone to falling.

Before learning about the best eyelash enhancer serum, you were using the curler and mascara on a daily basis. The trick made your lashes look fuller and more voluminous, but it affected the health of the strands. Sometimes, when you were removing the makeup products, the eyelashes fell out, as well. But after Nuviante, the health of the hairs has improved, and the lash density has increased considerably.

NUVIANTE before and after

The clinical trials proved that the Nuviante Eyelash Enhancer system elevates the lash length by up to25%. In the same time, the eyelashes thickness raises with up to 82%. The best thing about it is that it removes the need to apply falsies or mascara. Because the serum also contains darkening agents, it will blacken your eyelashes and improve their appeal.

How will your life change after Nuviante?

You can forget about magnetic lashes and falsies that ought to be glued to your lash line. After beginning your treatment with the Nuviante serum and capsules, your eyelashes will become more voluminous and fluttery naturally. The nutrients and extracts from medicinal plants included in the beauty products increase the blood circulation and repair the follicles, while biotin will reduce the hair loss, according to Thus, the scalp hair and strands on the eyelid will strengthen and grow faster than before using Nuviante.

A significant change will occur, meaning that you will save some money. You will no longer waste your economies on lash extensions and expensive mascaras. After only a few months of treatment with Nuviante, the lashes will grow longer, thicker, and healthier. You will feel more confident, and you will use fewer cosmetic products on your face.

Take a look at the pictures and notice the differences between before and after Nuviante. Based on the numerous positive consumer reviews, the 3-step system starts working and delivers amazing results after only 2 weeks of treatment. The serum conditions and lengthens the strands, while the capsules nourish the follicles and stimulate the growth of stronger hairs. Start using the Nuviante Luxury Kit, and enhance your lashes to ultra-lush length!

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